Super Mario 3D World (Wii U)

Super Mario 3D World was the first Wii U game I had actually gotten excited for before it’s release. The day I got it plugged it in and started it. I first noticed the beautiful graphics then jazzy title theme which stayed in my head for quite a while. New Super Mario Bros. U didn’t amaze me too much with its graphics. I had expected more. 3D world’s graphics were astonishing and impressive for the Wii U. The story was a little different from past Mario games. There were fairies that Bowser captured (of course) which he locked up in glass jars and scattered them across the world. Each world had one fairy which needed to be saved after beating the castle level for that world. I wouldn’t say it’s the best plot but it’s better than past *cough NSMB2 cough*. I dived into the first level and got the cat suit. At first I was thinking “A cat? Really Nintendo?”. When I tried out its powers and abilities I started to really like it. You can climb up walls, swipe Bowser’s baddies with your claws, and have different cat abilities for each different button combination. I liked the first level because of how unique the level design was and how you get each of the 3 green stars in each level. They even brought back the giant mushroom! After going through the levels I was hooked in by how unique the levels were and how they didn’t make you bored. There was a Mario kart level which even had a soundtrack from Mario kart on the SNES. In each level there is a stamp you can find which you can stamp on to your Miiverse posts which can make art a lot more interesting. There are 8 worlds plus a world 9 after beating the game. Each world took me about 2 hours so it’s got some length to it. The controls and camera were very smooth and that has been a problem for me in Mario games like in sunshine where I was constantly pressing L to make Mario look straight. The music was very memorable and I had to look up the songs on YouTube because they were so catchy. The final boss fight with Bowser made me think “Bowser is actually using his head”. He used Mario’s own ability and gave himself a cat suit and made himself multiply with Mario’s multiply cherries. It wasn’t really a fight but it was a chase. At the end Bowser is sitting on a big POW block and you hit it and defeat “Cat Bowser”. Now that I’ve explained most of the game, here’s the review.

Looks: The game has amazing graphics for the Wii U and is one of the best for the console so far in my opinion. A+

Sound: The soundtrack made me go back and listen to them after playing the game. Very catchy and goes well with the game. A+

Gameplay: On my top 3 favorite Mario games of all time. A+

Length: 8 worlds plus a 9th after you beat the game. Each took a good 1/2 hour or 2 hours for me. A+

Overall: Super Mario 3D World is a fantastic Wii U title and Nintendo did a great job. The ONLY thing I would have liked for them to work on more was the plot. Other than that this game gets an A+ and a 9.8/10.